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Climbing Courses

Climbing courses begin with a certificate of competence. 

There are courses for the young climbers moving up, ranging from competence tests to movements and ability on graded walls. 

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Ranging from New Boulderer at Level 1 to Performance Boulderer at Level 5, the main goal in these lessons is to develop climbing movement skills and improve levels of technical ability.

1. New Boulderer – an entry-level award for candidates who wish to learn about bouldering as a physical activity and how to use a bouldering wall safely.
2. Foundation Boulderer – aimed at helping the candidate to understand how a bouldering wall works, basic preparation and control while bouldering, with an introduction to equipment and movement skills.

3. Competent Boulderer – corresponding to most bouldering-only centres’ “membership” standards. This is aimed at ensuring a candidate possesses the knowledge and skill to boulder safely at any bouldering facility and operate in a responsible manner.

4. Skilled Boulderer – aimed at developing a self-motivated boulderer who has a wide range of skills and has reached a high level of competence, with a desire to progress by identifying and setting goals.

5. Performance Boulderer – the top-level award that focuses on improving performance, with advanced skills and knowledge of training and bouldering as well as experience of local and national competitions.